The Avalon Ballroom, Boulder's Social Dance Venue

Work Planned:
dance shoes at the Avalon Ballroom

If there is someone who would make lunch for any of our work parties, please contact Hermine at .  VAC will reimburse you for the grocery bill.

The process of going through a County Use Review and obtaining building permits for the work inside the building must be completed before construction can resume.  This is a slow process and it will still take a few months before it is all done.

We usually start at 9:00 a.m.

From now on we will only announce work parties when there is a group organizing a core of volunteers for the work day. Please respond by email to or call 303-440-8303 if you can organize a work party.

Groups that are already enjoying this wonderful dance space and more groups that will enjoy this building as we complete the other dance floors, will be invited to take turns in organizing people from their own communities to spend a Saturday of work and camaraderie at the Avalon.

There is work going on almost every day of the week at the Avalon. If you are free to help out a few hours please call (303-786-8502) or email Chuck for the schedule.

Our goal with this project is not only to build the physical infrastructure for a dance center, but also to build a community of people that will enjoy this facility and build a strong and cohesive dance community with Avalon as their base for many years to come. Our belief is that a broad participation in the construction phase will give more people a sense of ownership and participation which will benefit the operation of the Avalon in the future.

Lunch will be provided

Future weekends:

  • There is still much work to be done before everything is completed at the Avalon and there will continue to be work parties for many weekends to come

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