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Successful work parties on past weekends:
dance shoes at the Avalon Ballroom

December 9
Last Saturday's work party was a great success thanks to a large group from the Bantaba community.  A lot of work was done.  The area where the next dance floor will be built was cleared of old and new building materials which were sorted and organized into piles in the area behind the stage and in the small studio.  Wires and unused conduits were removed or rearranged to allow for a high ceiling over the new dance floor.  A truck load of trash and recycle was taken out, and the area was cleaned and the carpet vacuumed.  This space is now ready for building walls and a dance floor.

There were 17 people around the table at noon, enjoying Daisy's and Otto's scrumptious lunch and good visiting.  Many thanks to Jenny at Bantaba for organizing such a productive last work party in 2006.

November 11
CFOOTMAD had rallied a large group of capable people last Saturday and a lot was accomplished.  More progress was made on building walls,  taking down ceiling tiles and conduits in the large studio area, and the ballroom was decorated. 

October 28th
Several people have worked during week over the past two weeks, and even though we had no work party last weekend, there was progress.  More drywall was put up and the walls behind the stage were painted.

October 21st
Last week more drywall was put up on the small studio south wall, and the west wall in the ballroom was patched and readied for painting.  Painting the north side of the wall behind the stage was started.

October 14th
Progress is being made every week at the Avalon.  Last week more drywall was put up on the small studio south wall.  Melba provided a delicious lunch for the hungry bunch at noon.

October 7th
Progress is being made every week at the Avalon.  Last week Steward and Joe worked several hours and installed the hallway double doors and the back stage exit door.  Last Saturday was a productive day with about half a dozen people. We made more progress on the south wall of the small studio.  More insulation and drywall were put up, but there is still a lot more to go.  A motion activated light was installed outside the garage door.

September 30th
Last Saturday was a productive day with about half a dozen people.  We made more progress on the south wall of the small studio.  Some drywall was put up, wiring re-installed, and plywood pieces for the top of the wall were marked and cut.   Work on the hallway door framing was started.

September 9
We had a small, but efficient crew last Saturday and we put up the insulation on the small studio wall, completed the drywall finish on the stage wall, and did some painting on the outside garage wall. 

August 19
A good work crew showed up last Saturday for a half day work party.  The East stage platform wall was completed on the stage side. Now the duct work can be completed for the HVAC system for the stage. 

August 5
What a hot-shot work party crew we had last Saturday!  The entire second layer of drywall on the north side of the stage wall was out up and the ACES wall was painted-- quite an accomplishment for one day of work.  And the lunch was good too. 

July 15
Good progress was made last Saturday on the wall between the ACES and the VAC, but there is still more drywall to to put up.

July 8
Thanks to several people working last Saturday and during this week, the studs and insulation for the wall between the ACES and the VAC space are up. 

June 17
The drywalling of the north side of the back stage wall got a good start at the last work party two weeks ago, but there are many more drywall sheets to go. More sprinkler hangers in the ceiling are needed in the small studio.  The office cubical walls left from the CrossLink days which we have storing and used for dividing walls in the ballroom and in the back area are now being moved out.  Work on a permanent wall separating VAC space from ACES space will be started this Saturday. 

June 3
The floor and ceiling tracks for the east stage wall was put in place last Saturday and we are ready to put in the studs and put on drywall this coming Saturday.  A rehabilitation of the lawn sprinkler system was started last Saturday will continue this week.  The tables under the trees on the west side of the building are repaired and they now have a new coat of stain. 

May 6
Last Saturday we had a good work crew, counting 16 people around the lunch table.  Thanks, Lyn, for sharing your good cooking with us!  The studs are up and the door framing for the back wall of the music platform was completed last Saturday.  A group of New Vista High School students did a fabulous job during their workday at Avalon this past Monday.  They mowed the lawn, picked up trash and branches, and raked leaves.  They cleaned the floors, dug up roots, and scraped paint.  A big thanks to their teacher John Zola and the New Vista students!

April 29
The studs are up and the door framing for the back wall of the music platform was completed last Saturday.  The sprinkler heads have been repositioned to accommodate the high ceiling on the musicians platform and in the small studio.  The good spring weather inspired some people to do some yard work.  Thanks to Daisy for a delicious lunch!

April 22
We made good progress on the back wall of the stage last Saturday and work on the small studio continued.  One volunteer spent the entire day cleaning black shoe marks off the ballroom floor and managed to clean only two-thirds of it.  We strongly encourage all dancers to check their shoes and not use shoes with rubber soles that leave black marks on the floor.  It takes a lot of work to clean them off.

March 25
We made progress on the walls for the small dance studio, hooked up the chandelier in the ballroom, mounted mirrors in the ladies bathroom, and did some general cleanup. 

March 17
The platform for the new stage has been completed and it was inaugurated by a band playing for the Salsa dance on Thursday evening last week. 

February 25
The sound wall on the west side of the stage was almost completed last Saturday, only a few more sheets of drywall were left to be put up this coming Saturday.  Work on the stage platform was started and will continue this Saturday. 

February 18
The steel studs for the sound wall on the west side of the stage was put in place last Saturday. During this week several people have worked on preparing the floor for the final coats of Polyurethane which will be applied in 2-3 weeks. New tenants are moving in to the south east quadrant of the building this week which means we had to move all the "stuff" we have stored in that part of the building. 

February 11
The three large unused electrical conduits and a distribution box was removed last Saturday.  Remaining ceiling trim around the ballroom walls were removed and the passage way in the center wall to extend the entrance hallway west of the bathrooms to the north half of the building was trimmed out. 

February 4
Last Saturday an opening was cut in the center wall to extend the entrance hallway west of the bathrooms to the north half of the building.  Other tasks in preparation for building the stage were completed. 

January 28
We had 14 people around the lunch table last Saturday enjoying Betty's good food.   A good work crew stayed into the late afternoon and we got a lot accomplished.  The small studio area is now cleared out and ready for constructing the additional sound wall and elevating the heating duct and an electrical conduit to accommodate the higher ceiling. 

January 21
About a dozen people participated in the work party last Saturday, and we made good progress in the small studio area.  Three truck loads of beams and plywood for the platform/stage was brought in.  Melba and Sam served up a delicious lunch.

January 14
About 14 people participated in the work party last Saturday, and we made good progress in the small studio area.  Daisy and Sabine served up a delicious lunch.

January 7
This work party proved to be a productive day with about 14 people. Loraine and Sabine served up a delicious lunch.  Dave Morton on the accordion and Jeff Barton on the fiddle took time out of their work and provided the rest of us with lively music.  The good food and the background  music made the Avalon lunch room feel like an upscale restaurant during the lunch hour.  We moved a lot of office cubicals to expand our work area in the back of the dance floor in preparation for the delivery of building materials for the small dance studio and the stage.  Work on the small studio continued.  We had a warm day allowed some people to do some mid-winter cleanup outside as well.


November 19
We had a productive day with a good size group working a long day.  The heating duct above the stage area was taken down and the rest of the ceiling is now cleaned up. Re-routing of conduits in this area is still needed.  The storage room was relocated to the L-shaped room by the garage; the storage shelves were reassembled, the big stack of ceiling tiles and other items was moved.  The counter in the office supply room was disassembled and moved to the break room and installation partially completed.  Combining the three rooms on the north side and building the small dance studio can now proceed as time permits.  A major portion of the touch-up painting work was also accomplished.

November 12th
More patching and filling cracks on the parking lot.  Removing ceiling tiles and lights in the stage area.  Repaired sump pump in janitor closet.  Planning stage construction.

November 5th
Relocated music platform to make room for the stage construction.  Outside cleanup and patching cracks in parking lot.

October 15th and 16th
We hung acoustical materials and light fixtures, and generally spruced up the building and grounds.

October 8th and 9th:
Monday afternoon the third and last coat of Polyurethane was put down, and it is ready for a big dance with the Wild Asparagus contra dance band on October 22.

October 1st and 2nd:
We demolished equipment in the high ceiling, including ductwork, conduit, and pipe.
A wall was demolished.
Pipe for the water heater was re-routed.
We waxed the putluck-room floor, and re-lamped the light fixtures.
Light fixtures at the edge of the dance floor were raised.
All tapered ramps at the edges of the dance floor were fitted and nailed in place.
Floor boards were prepared for sanding.
Dust containment was put in place.
Outdoor landscaping was done.
Oak flooring for the small dance studio was sorted.
New table-clothes were provided.
The arbor was raked and organics recycled.
Materials were sorted for recycling.
Lovely lunches were enjoyed by all.

September 24th and 25th: The complete oak floor has been installed!

September 17th and 18th: The oak flooring is now 80% complete!

September 10th and 11th: Again we had two good work days this last weekend, September 10 and 11.  By the time we called it quits Sunday afternoon, close to 40% of the oak flooring was nailed down.  One group carried the flooring in to the dance area from where it is stored in the room next to the garage, sorting and inspecting every piece and distributing it on the floor.  A second group laid it out in front of the third group operating the nail guns.  Nailing is a tiring job and several people traded off using the three nail guns throughout the day.  A real team effort!

September 3rd and 4th: The plywood "under floor" is completed!  We are now ready for the hardwood which is scheduled to be delivered later this week.  A crew of about 20 people were working hard both Saturday and Sunday, installing rubber pucks, cutting, screwing, and gluing together two layers of plywood.  By the end of the day Sunday it was all there and we can see and feel (it is nice and soft!) what the finished floor will look like.  Melba made lunch on Saturday and Donna cooked for the hungry bunch on Sunday.

August 20th and 21st: Last weekend's work parties went very well.  Leveling the floor by placing stacked shims all over the floor went quickly.  We planned possibly two weekends, but completed the task in 3/4 of a day.  So on Sunday we did yard work.

August 13th and 14th: The work parties this last Saturday and Sunday were a great success. The carpet removal was hard work, but it was completed before lunch on Saturday. The 300+ sheets of plywood for the sub-floor were moved into the building and stacked near the dance floor area. Three 8x8 ft. test floors were set up to check three types of rubber blocks to be used under the floor. The clean-up of the north rooms and the NW garage area was completed. The clean-up of the east side office area is close to being completed, but more work is needed to organize the "garage sale" stuff, dispose of remaining papers and old computer equipment. The outside also got a facelift. Bushes were cut down and weeds pulled, but much work is still to be done.

Making Shims

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