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The Avalon Ballroom, Boulder's Social Dance Venue

welcome to the Avalon Ballroom

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... to the Avalon, Boulder's new venue for social dancing!

Dances at The Avalon

Come and enjoy contradance, swing dance, salsa, waltz, and other dances on a large cushioned dance floor at the Avalon! All events include a dance lesson. No partner or experience needed.
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SPECIAL EVENTS within the next 30 days:

Wednesday December 24th 2014
No Waltz Christmas Eve with American Vernacular Dance
Waltz Dance, none
Cost: n.a.
Location: The Avalon, 6185 Arapahoe Rd, Boulder, CO, 80303
Contact: : - , or : -
No Waltz tonight!

No Wednesday Waltz Etcetera tonight!

Sunday December 28th 2014
Movement Mass ~ Align with the Divine with Golden Bridge - Movement Mass
Celebratory Dance, 10:45 AM Warm-up, 11:00 AM Start
Cost: $12-$15 Sliding Scale
Location: The Avalon, 6185 Arapahoe Rd, Boulder, CO, 80303
Contact: Martha Maloney: 303-415-0272 - office@bdanced.com, or : -

Join together in Celebratory Community to Remember our Wholeness & to Amplify our Sacred Work in these Times of Great Change. No Dance experience is necessary ~ Only a Longing to Move with Life In Authenticity and Love. Sponsored by Golden Bridge. All proceeds support youth leaders from around the world during their Rites of Passage Journeys with www. Goldenbridge.org. For more information, please contact office@bdanced.com / 303-415-0272 / www.bdanced.com

Wednesday December 31st 2014
New Year's Eve Dance Party with American Vernacular Dance
Swing Dance, 7 PM to 1 AM
Cost: $35 per person in advance; $45 at the do
Location: The Avalon, 6185 Arapahoe Rd, Boulder, CO, 80303
Contact: Jim X. Borzym: 720-317-3946 - avd@columbine.net, or Joseph Snowhawk: -

New Years Eve Social Dance Party!

At the Avalon Ballroom in Boulder, Colorado


The Hot Tomatoes Dance Orchestra with Special Guests Reveille 3!

Swing, Salsa, Batchata, Kizomba and West Coast Swing Dancing!

4 Rooms of Great Music & Dancing!

7:30 PM to 1 AM!


THE LARGEST Social Dance Event of the year! Last year we had nearly 600 people!

Ring in the New Year dancing with friends and fabulous music in our fine Avalon Ballroom. A long-time local tradition!

Please join us for an AMAZING night of fun, food and – of course – DANCING!

Swing Room: The renowned Hot Tomatoes Dance Orchestra and – for their first Avalon appearance – Reveille 3, Lesson with Joseph Snowhawk


Salsa Room: DJ Nelson, Lesson with Javier Campines & Erica Reyna from Los Angeles


Batchata/Kizomba Room: DJ RJ and DJ Cuba, Lesson with Subbu Bachatero


West Coast Swing Room: DJ Emily Myers Reed, Lesson with Troy Reed



PERFORMANCES in the Ballroom:

Javier & Erica,

Bachata Xstacy,

Shane & Keri and

Watch Your Step!


REFRESHMENTS by the incredible Halina Palmer in the North Lobby. Hot dishes, charcuterie, hors d'vours, fruit, cheeses, pates, punch, cider, lemonade, coffee, etc.


BYOB / Complementary champagne at midnight with community toast!

BYO is acceptable. Feel free to bring your own snacks, beverages, and party favors. There will be limited, non-reserved seating in each hall.


Four simultaneous dance lessons from 7:30 to 8:20.

Doors open at 7:00.


DRESS to Impress !


Prices, per person

$35 advance – tickets sold on-line will be held at the door

$45 at the door

Volunteers free with pre-arranged volunteer tasks.

Tickets will be sold at the door

Cash or checks made to “AVD”

Credit cards accepted

You can buy tickets at AVD and Snowhawk events in advance of New Years Eve


Order your tickets now at Joseph Snowhawk's site:

New Years Eve Tickets On Line


The Avalon is located at 6185 Arapahoe Road, Boulder, Colorado



American Vernacular Dance & Snowhawk Productions – Members of the Boulder Dance Coalition

Special thanks to Halina and Chuck Palmer

Special thanks to the Alex Wilson Legacy Fund

Saturday January 10th 2015
Boulder Balkan Bash with Planina - Songs of Eastern Europe
International Dance, 5:30-11:00 p.m.
Cost: Please see below.
Location: The Avalon, 6185 Arapahoe Rd, Boulder, CO, 80303
Contact: Julie Lancaster: 303-733-1120 - julie@planina.org, or Mary Ann Saussotte: 720-936-5055 - maesaussotte@comcast.net

Six local ensembles specializing in Eastern European folk music come together to present the 2015 Boulder Balkan Bash—a folk dance party and potluck dinner featuring live music from some 30 different musicians, singing and playing an assortment of familiar and exotic instruments.
It’s traditional in Eastern Europe to celebrate “Old New Year” in mid-January; that’s the beginning of the new year in the Slavic Orthodox (Julian) calendar, an unofficial holiday in much of Eastern Europe, and one more opportunity to bring light and celebration to the darkest part of the year. 
So six of our local ensembles have joined together to help you dance away the darkness (and some of those holiday calories) in the most ambitious Boulder Balkan Bash to date! The ensembles are: Barbelfish, Planina, Sherefe, Veelah, and two brand new groups: the Bitovniks and Ansembl Teodosievski. Local virtuosos Petar Teodosijev (accordion) and Milyo Kepchelev (tambura) will perform with multiple groups, as will guest bass player Paul Brown from from Santa Fe.
Live folk dance music starts at 5:30 pm and continues until 11:00 pm. From 6:00 till 10:00 pm the potluck dinner and dessert will be served.  All guests are encouraged to bring a dish to share. 
The dance music program will feature tunes from Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia, Russia, Serbia, Turkey, and Roma (Gypsy) traditions.  While the majority of dances will be line dances, a few waltzes and other couple dances will also be included. Many of the dances are easy enough to learn on the spot and there will be strong dance leaders present. Everyone is invited to dance, but no one is required to do so; the Avalon has plenty of room to sit and watch. Some of the groups will perform on the stage and others in the center of the dance floor.
In Eastern Europe, live music and dancing are always accompanied by food! So roll up your sleeves, make a great dish, and come celebrate at the Avalon Ballroom (6185 Arapahoe Rd, Boulder, 80303), on Saturday, January 10th! Don’t know what to bring or don’t like to cook? Please contact Mary Ann, the food coordinator, at maesaussotte@comcast.net for assistance/ideas, etc.

ADVANCE PURCHASE: prices are $19 for adults ($15 for students/seniors 60+). Child’s ticket $9.
AT THE DOOR: $24 for adults ($19 for students/seniors 60+). Child’s ticket $11. (Please buy tickets in advance if possible)

Tickets are available at http://vw.ticketleap.com or contact venturewestjim@gmail.com or 303-329-6242. Please buy tickets in advance if you possibly can to help us estimate the food/beverage needs.
Potluck, food, and beverage info: maesaussotte@comcast.net or 720-936-5055.
Event and ticket info: venturewestjim@gmail.com or 303-329-6242.

Ansambl Teodosiev. Petar Teodosiev, a Macedonian-born accordion virtuoso who has played extensively in Serbia and toured internationally for years with Roma legend Esma Redžepova, will introduce his new ensemble and his brand-new arrangements of folk songs from the former Yugoslavia at the Boulder Balkan Bash. Petar Teodosijev (accordion), Milyo Kepchelev (tambura/Bulgarian long-necked lute), Mark Brissenden (bass),  Brett Bowen (drums), Emma Shubin (flute), Matthew Shubin (bassoon), and vocalists Valerie Brown, Jamie Halliday, Iskra Ivanova, Julie Lancaster, Loren Olds, and Galina Siarheichyk.
Barbelfish Balkan Band. Barbelfish (named after a freshwater fish to which a pretty girl is likened in some Macedonian songs), plays soul-stirring music for dancing from Eastern Europe and beyond, especially from Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Greece. Village and urban music from the Balkans offers some of the most exquisite melodies, soaring harmonies and driving rhythms on the planet and Barbelfish expertly delivers them--often making their audience want to jump up and dance! Jesse Manno (percussion, vocals), Steve Mullins (tambura, guitar, bouzouki, mandolin), Amy Self (clarinet, kaval, vocals), James Hoskins (gudulka, cello, vocals), Julie Lancaster (accordion, tambura, vocals), Loren Olds (vocals). 
The Bitovniks. After participating in a Bitov ensemble (an ensemble of only traditional Bulgarian instruments, no modern ones) at the Eastern European Folklife Center’s Balkan Music & Dance workshop this summer in Mendocino, Calif., some of our local musicians were seized with the desire to keep playing that music and to bring it to our local audiences. The Bash will be the Bitōvniks’ debut performance. Brett Bowen (tapan / bass drum), Mark Brissenden (gajda / bagpipe), James Hoskins (gudulka / folk fiddle), Steve Mullins (tambura / long-necked lute), Mary Ann Saussotte (tambura), and Amy Self (kaval / wooden flute).
Planina - Songs of Eastern Europe. Planina (the word means “mountains” in several South Slavic languages) is a mixed chorus of about 14 members. The group has been performing in Colorado for 26 years, presenting a cappella and accompanied music from many parts of Eastern Europe, including the Balkans, Russia, Lithuania, and Hungary. Some of the members play instruments (various drums and percussion, violin, viola, accordion, mandolin, tambura). For this event, the group is also joined by expert guest instrumentalists Petar Teodosiev (accordion) and Milyo Kepchelev (tambura).
Sherefe. Sherefe, named after the Turkish drinking toast, "to your honor," is a group of mostly Boulder-based musicians dedicated to performing traditional music from the Balkans and the Middle East. At the Bash they will play dance music from Greece, Turkey and elsewhere in the Balkans. Brett Bowen (doumbek, tupan), Paul Brown (bass), James Hoskins (cello, gudulka, bouzouki, guitar, vocals), Jesse Manno (baglama, bouzouki, saz, oud, flutes, vocals), Julie Lancaster (accordion, vocals). http://sherefe.org/
Veelah. Veelah plays hot urban Balkan folk music on acoustic instruments: clarinets saxophones, accordion, tuba, drum kit and hand drums that drive mesmerizing rhythms and soaring solos. Think of Dixieland Brass Band with eastern modes, and you have an idea: it's hot and smoky party music for line dancing or your global groove!  The name is inspired by a Slavic woodland fairy, which also inspired the Veela characters in Harry Potter books. Meg York, (woodwinds, hand percussion), Dave Willey (accordion), Jesse Manno (percussion), James Hoskins (trombone), and Brian Mullins (tuba). See and hear more at:

Work Parties

We are still underway with renovations at the VAC Avalon building and would like your help. There is still much work to be done before everything is completed. We hope you will help us in the upcoming months.

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The Ballroom can be leased for private dances, parties and classes

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