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The Avalon Ballroom, Boulder's Social Dance Venue

welcome to the Avalon Ballroom

dance shoes at the Avalon Ballroom

... to the Avalon, Boulder's new venue for social dancing!

Dances at The Avalon

Come and enjoy contradance, swing dance, salsa, waltz, and other dances on a large cushioned dance floor at the Avalon! All events include a dance lesson. No partner or experience needed.
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SPECIAL EVENTS within the next 30 days:

From Friday October 28th 2016 through Sunday October 30th 2016
Tango Lesson, Fr: 4:30 PM-2 AM/ Sat: 2:30 PM -2 AM /Sun: 1-6PM
Cost: $400 single -$700 couple
Location: The Avalon, 6185 Arapahoe Rd, Boulder, CO, 80303
Contact: Gustavo & Giselle: 720-278-4213 - BoulderTangoStudio@hotmail.com, or : -

12 hours intensive tango classes: Subject: "  Combining turn with Sacada, Gancho & Boleo",11 hours Tango Class & 1 hour Tango Technique. These Seminars are intended for: Advanced and experience dancers. Intermediate dancers who are willing to deeply study the tango. Friday evening Practica and Saturday night Milonga included. More info:

Saturday October 29th 2016
Fifth Saturday Swing Dance with with American Vernacular Dance
Swing Dance, 7 PM lesson; dancing 8 to 11:00 PM
Cost: $15 per person; $10 students
Location: The Avalon, 6185 Arapahoe Rd, Boulder, CO, 80303
Contact: Jim X. Borzym: 720-317-3946 - avd@columbine.net, or : -

Halloween Night Swing Dance Party with Bob Harris and "The Bringers of Swing"!

This will be a costumed and masquerade event, so start to figure out your spooky or otherwise spectacular dance garb and join us! Prizes for best costumes! Masks, outfits, characters, goofy, historic, scandalous, sophisticated, outrageous --- you do it and we will lap it up. Please join us!

Saturday November 12th 2016
Boulder Balkan Bash with Planina - Songs of Eastern Europe
International Dance, 5:30 PM - 11:00 PM
Cost: Advance: $22 ($18 students/seniors); at
Location: The Avalon, 6185 Arapahoe Rd, Boulder, CO, 80303
Contact: Mary Ann: 720-936-5055 - maesaussotte@comcast.net, or Jim: 303-329-6242 - venturewestjim@gmail.com

Boulder Balkan Bash Map of location

Sunday November 13th 2016
Tea Dance with Live Music Mont Alto with American Vernacular Dance
Ballroom Dance, 1 PM Lesson; Dancing 2 to 5 PM
Cost: $15 per person; $10 students
Location: The Avalon, 6185 Arapahoe Rd, Boulder, CO, 80303
Contact: Jim Borzym: 720-317-3946 - avd@columbine.net, or : -

A fabulous array of foxtrots, waltzes, tangos, two-steps, blues and novelty numbers - all perfect for sociable dancing. Generally thirty dance numbers in the afternoon on our great cushioned oak floor in a ballroom with terrific audio and acoustics. Our orchestras are the finest for vintage balltoom dancing and our crowd is sociable and fun. Feel free to dress up. Snacks provided. A general dance lesson at 1 PM is suitable for all levels and covers the fundamental dance techniques, moves and offers great practice to a wide variety of recordings. The dance will follow from 2 to 5 PM. Our orchestra this month will feature pianist Rodney Sauer and Soprano Susan Rogers leading a six-piece salon orchestra. We hope that you will join us!

Work Parties

We are still underway with renovations at the VAC Avalon building and would like your help. There is still much work to be done before everything is completed. We hope you will help us in the upcoming months.

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The Ballroom can be leased for private dances, parties and classes

Lease the Ballroom

Please go towww.boulderdancecoalition.orgfor information on participatory events hosted by Boulder Dance Coalition groups and others.


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